“The physical space of most American and some European cities is becoming privatised. And in the process of this privatisation, deviants who defy defensive architecture are prohibited, demonised and excluded. A class war is being fought, at the level of space. Along with this recapitulation of space goes an extensive iconography; a semiotics of exclusion which is spreading…”Mike Davis, City of Quartz.

Writers is a long term project to document the London graffiti scene with a focus on the graffiti artists themselves. Listen to Marc being interviewed with fellow photographer Brian David Stevens on The Left Bank Show in 2011. Marc talks about graffiti, photography and the privatisation of public space with host Leah Borromeo.

Writers Marc Vallée. 24 pages, A5, litho printed and stapled. Published by Marc Vallée. First Edition 2012. Edition of 200. Numbered and signed by Marc Vallée. Printed with water-soluble inks on FSC certified paper stock which is chlorine free.