“I used most of that time to do activism in the labour movement for sex workers’ and LGBTQ rights. The personal is political but sometimes the political is a convenient way to meet new people and become more personal. This is how I met photographer Marc Vallée who read the articles I wrote in the Guardian advocating for sex work decriminalisation and labour rights. We talked about anarcho-syndicalism, what an absence of power could mean, and the similarities between different freelance jobs whether as an independent photographer or as a sex worker. It seems he liked me enough to make more than photographs with me. Now you hold in your hands the result of our collaboration.” – Thierry Schaffauser, Documenting Thierry, 2017.

With a foreword by French male sex worker and political activist Thierry Schaffauser Documenting Thierry was published in the summer 2017. The zine documents Thierry’s life in London over 2 years. A collaboration of ideas, images and words which also includes a 2012 interview with Thierry conducted by Marc.

Launched at The Photographers’ Gallery in June 2017 and featured in HERO Magazine and Huck Magazine.

In 2017 Tate Britain acquired a copy for its library collection.

Documenting Thierry Marc Vallée. 36 pages, A5, printed and stapled. Published by Marc Vallée. First Edition 2017. Edition of 200. Printed on FSC certified paper stock which is chlorine free. Order via Big Cartel.