“The pictures here highlight how artists have brought the creative activism of subversive graffiti into (or onto) these commercialised infrastructures of urban mobility. As trucks and vans move consumable goods of the elite urban economy around the city, they carry with them the viruses of activism. Like the New York subway trains in the 1970s, the graffiti trucks of Paris are a mobile gallery of graffiti and its affront to the sterile spaces of urban commodity movement.”Dr. Oli Mould.

With a foreword by human geographer Dr. Oli Mould The Graffiti Trucks of Paris was published in March 2017 and featured in Huck Magazine and HERO Magazine.

The second edition of was launched at 10 ZINES 5 YEARS at The Photographers’ Gallery in June 2017.

In 2017 Tate Britain acquired a copy for its library collection.

The Graffiti Trucks of Paris Marc Vallée. 24 pages, A5, printed and stapled.Published by Marc Vallée. Second Edition 2017. Edition of 100. Printed on FSC certified paper stock which is chlorine free. Order via Big Cartel.