Vandals and the City, 2016.

“The physical space of most American and some European cities is becoming privatised. And in the process of this privatisation, deviants who defy defensive architecture are prohibited, demonised and excluded. A class war is being fought, at the level of space. Along with this recapitulation of space goes an extensive iconography; a semiotics of exclusion which is spreading…”Mike Davis, City of Quartz.

Marc Vallée is a London-based documentary photographer whose work explores the tension between public and private space in the context of contemporary youth culture. Marc’s pictures, self-published photography zines and photobooks have been published and exhibited worldwide. Tate Britain and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) hold Marc’s work in their library collections.

Queer, 2014.

“Marc Vallée is one of my favourite contemporary photographers. Many artists are photographing the young, but Vallée’s work is exceptional and solitary, avoiding the kneejerk tendency to either define the young through their fashion sense or create the impression of communing with them by smothering them with fashionable aesthetics. His photographs are fully interested in their subjects, somehow more respectful of their beauty and emotions and, at the same time, more invasive of their privacy than any other youth oriented images out there. Vallée’s work is ravishing, noble, unique, and irresistible.” – Dennis Cooper.

Selected Interviews

The Guardian (2016) Huck Magazine (2016) Huck Magazine (2016) Ffoton Interviews (2016) British Journal of Photography (2015) Huck Magazine (2013) Long Live Southbank Documentary Film (2013) IdeasTap (2013) The Left Bank Show (2011) Huck Magazine (2009)


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