Long Live Southbank: Revelations of a Cultural Vandal
December 8th, 2013

“Long Live Southbank: Revelations of a Cultural Vandal” youtube.com

“Long Live Southbank presents our educational campaign film Revelations of a Cultural Vandal which introduces the aggressive and deceiving campaign the Southbank Centre have employed beyond the glossy Festival Wing brochures.”Long Live Southbank.

New and powerful Long Live Southbank film. Includes a brief interview with me outside the launch party and exhibition for Number Four at the Doomed Gallery early this year.

Marc being interviewed for a Guardian film on the Southbank
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 29.08.13. Marc Vallée being interviewed for a Long Live Southbank film outside his launch party and exhibition at the Doomed Gallery on Thursday 29 August 2013. (Photo by Leah Borromeo) (c) Leah Borromeo, 2013. All rights reserved.


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