Tate Britain Talk
April 2nd, 2016

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Library and Archive show and tell: Photobookstate.org.uk

On Friday 6 May 2016 I will be giving a talk at Tate Britain on my zines that the Tate hold in its library collection.

The zines will be on display in the reading rooms and Holly Callaghan from Tate Britain will give a short presentation about the photobook and zine collection and introduce me and my work.

I will talk about my zines, self-publishing and the crossover between photobooks and zines.

After the talk attendees will have around 40 minute to look round the display and ask Holly and I questions.  

You can book tickets from Tate Britain.

Writers was published in 2012 and documents the London graffiti scene with a focus on the artists themselves.

Anti-Skateboarding Devices was published in 2012 with a second edition in 2014 and a third edition in Spring 2015. A visual polemic against private corporations and local authorities who aim to reshape individual and group behaviour in the context of skateboarding.

Documenting Dylan was published in 2013 and documents the life of London skateboarder Dylan Leadley-Watkins.

Number Four was published in 2013 and includes visual references to the London skateboarding, photography and zine publishing scenes.

Queer was published in 2014 and documents two years in the life of writer and artist Dom Lyne at his home in Camden Town. Tattoos, sexuality and mental health with a nod to American novelist Dennis Cooper.

Number Six was published in 2014 and explores the tension between public and private space in the context of contemporary youth culture.

Tiergarten Transgression was published in 2015 and documents a queer anarchist boy exploring the historic gay cruising area of Berlin’s oldest urban public park. Landscape, sexuality and transgression come together over 24 black and white pages.


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