Offprint London, Tate Modern
May 16th, 2016



A selection of my zines will be at Offprint London this weekend on The Photocopy Club stall in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. I will be around on the Friday night so come and say hello.

Check out the British Journal of Photography video below from last year.

EU Referendum – political and personal
May 14th, 2016

EU Campaign Wolfgang Tillmans - Between Bridges_26.04_11_web_900px
Poster by Wolfgang Tillmans.


The European Union (EU) is fundamentally a neoliberal project with a democratic deficit at its core. It’s pro-austerity and represents the interests of a bureaucratic and corrupt political class. EU treaties and directives enforce free market policies and privatisation of public services and utilities across the union.

The leftist government of Greece experienced this and more in 2015 with the democratic will of its people being overturned. Paul Mason’s documentary film #ThisIsACoup brilliantly shows how the EU destroyed europe’s first radical left government in modern history.

I don’t believe for one moment that the EU can be reformed. Even the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis (founding member of DiEM25) thinks that is a long shot.

So vote leave?

I’ve lived under neoliberal and pro-austerity governments for most of my life. As a teenager in the 80s I witnessed first-hand how Thatcher destroyed communities, jobs and civic society. Blair and Cameron gleefully picked up where Thatcher left off. Voting to leave the EU will not end neoliberalism in the UK.

“My identity is European. City-wise, I’m a Londoner. Nationally, I’m German. But, really, I see myself as a product of European reconciliation and cultural exchange.” – Wolfgang Tillmans.

The Turner prize winning artist Wolfgang Tillmans pretty much sums up the experience of many of my friends and colleagues. The right to work and study in other EU countries without visa restrictions and the right for our friends to live, work and study here is important. To give this up for the hope that a radical left social democratic government in the future may take on neoliberalism is a big ask.

I will be voting to remain in the EU with no illusions in the political class of the UK or Europe.

Catch me working in Berlin in July.

Cardiff: Ffoton Talks & University of South Wales
May 8th, 2016

Ffoton talks poster

Ffoton Talks: Marc Vallé

University of South

On Thursday 19 May 2016 I will be in Cardiff to give two talks on my work, public & private space and self-publishing.

In the afternoon I will be at the University of South Wales for the photojournalism students and in the evening at Ffoton Talks.

The Ffoton Talks event is open to the public and you can book a ticket here.

Writers was published in 2012 and documents the London graffiti scene with a focus on the artists themselves.

Anti-Skateboarding Devices was published in 2012 with a second edition in 2014 and a third edition in Spring 2015. A visual polemic against private corporations and local authorities who aim to reshape individual and group behaviour in the context of skateboarding.

Documenting Dylan was published in 2013 and documents the life of London skateboarder Dylan Leadley-Watkins.

Number Four was published in 2013 and includes visual references to the London skateboarding, photography and zine publishing scenes.

Queer was published in 2014 and documents two years in the life of writer and artist Dom Lyne at his home in Camden Town. Tattoos, sexuality and mental health with a nod to American novelist Dennis Cooper.

Millbank and that Van was published by Café Royal Books in 2014. Over 36 black and white pages the book documents the London 2010 student protests against government plans to raise tuition fees.

Number Six was published in 2014 and explores the tension between public and private space in the context of contemporary youth culture.

Tiergarten Transgression was published in 2015 and documents a queer anarchist boy exploring the historic gay cruising area of Berlin’s oldest urban public park. Landscape, sexuality and transgression come together over 24 black and white pages.

Huck Magazine Interview
May 6th, 2016

Huck Mag

Photographer Marc Vallée on two decades of documenting youth

Here is a nice interview I did with Alex King for Huck magazine on my work and the Tate Britain talk.