C/O Berlin
July 28th, 2017

C/O Berlinco-berlin.org/en

The internationally respected C/O Berlin is now stocking my zines in its bookshop in Berlin.

“Even in the digital age, books are still the consummate medium for conveying the fascination of photography in all its variety. Today more than ever, the format of the book, the touch and feel of the paper, the accompanying text and typography, the selection of images and the layout make these analog data carriers objects of desire—whether they’re produced for the mass market or as exclusive collector’s editions. Since its founding, C/O Berlin has published numerous books on major exhibitions of artists such as Lore Krüger, Peter Lindbergh, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Larry Clark, as well as one book accompanying each of the exhibitions in the Talents series.” – C/O Berlin.

The is history of the C/O Berlin building is worth checking out.