“Skateboarders are part of a long process in the history of cities, a fight by the unempowered and disenfranchised for a distinctive social space of their own. They bring time, space and social being together through a confrontation of the body and board with the architectural surface, and, as a result, they redefine the city and its architecture, their own social identity and bodies…”Iain Borden.

Documenting Dylan was published in 2013 and documents the life of London skateboarder Dylan Leadley-Watkins.

In 2015 Tate Britain acquired Documenting Dylan for its library collection.

Documenting Dlyan Marc Vallée. 24 pages, A5, printed and stapled. Published by Marc Vallée. First Edition 2013. Edition of 50. Numbered and signed by Marc Vallée. Printed on FSC certified paper stock which is chlorine free.